A Day for the Cocktail Enthusiast


By: Brandon Paul Weaver

The perfect day for the cocktail enthusiast starts with brunch at the weird beer haven No Anchor. Request the "brunchbox" and you'll be promptly provided a mezcal, a cup of delicious coffee and a house made grapefruit Campari radler. From there it is a short and scenic walk to the historic Pike Place Market and from there an even shorter walk to the remarkable Copperworks Distillery. Taste everything they offer because its all delicious. 

From there, hitch a ride on the light rail up to Capitol Hill to fortify yourself for the evening's imbibery. Walk over to Cafe Presse for an aperitif cocktail and the best Croque-Madam you can put in your face. As soon as 5 o'clock hits, scramble across the street to one of the world's best cocktail bars, Canon. Try a few of their 3,500 different spirits (including some from before prohibition), or a couple of their original cocktails. I recommend "Magic the Gathering" or "Campfire in Georgia" for a real show. Speaking of show, head a couple blocks north to the surreal circus dive bar called the Unicorn. Grab a drink, head downstairs and play some video games. Oh! order the chicken nuggets too. Seriously. 

When you're all gamed out, head West down Pike St. past the Starbucks Reserve Roastery to Rumba, the rum lovers paradise. Sample some of their hundreds of rum lables, drink something tiki or try all their daiquiris on tap. Also ask about their "rum map" program. At this point, if you're doing things right, its starting to get late. And when it gets late, folks head to Liberty Bar. Grab Sushi until midnight and pair it with more Whiskey and Mezcal than you can shake a stick at. Or, if you cant find exactly what you want from the list of 60 or so cocktails, ask them to make something up for you. 

Now you're tired, buzzed and probably starving. If its Friday or Saturday you are in the best of luck as Ba Bar is serving incredible chicken wings, Pho and Vermicelli bowls until 4:00 am. That is where you will find me and I look forward to meeting you there!