A Day for the Foodie

By: Lauren Feldman

Seattle O.G.! There are some stand-out Seattle chefs that have been cooking and working for years - many years - and continue to consistently put out some of the most delicious, classic and satisfying food you’ll find anywhere. You’ll still see them in their kitchens. Go eat their food!

In Pike Place Market, on the corner of Post Alley and Pine, you’ll find the charming Cafe Campagne serving traditional bistro food with amazing Northwest Ingredients. Daisley Gordon has been the Chef for many years and continues to work in the kitchen, on the line, churning out classic but clean French food. Go for brunch and have the Oeufs en Meurette -Poached eggs with a red wine-foie gras sauce, bacon & mushrooms on garlic croutons. Served with frites! Or take a seat on the patio in the late afternoon for Provencal Calamari and a glass of rose.

Also in the Market but up the hill on 1st Avenue there is Le Pichet. Owned by Joanne Herron and Jim Drohman (who was the Chef at Campagne before opening Pichet), this classic has become a Seattle icon in its 17 years of business. Want a leisurely dinner? Order the hour chicken (yes, it takes an hour) and snack on the salade verte and housemade charcuterie while you wait. All the while drinking a lightly chilled bottle of natural Cru Beaujolais of course…

In between downtown and South Lake Union there is the authentic wine bar Le Caviste on 7th and Virginia. The charcuterie and cheese boards are ample and there are special ‘plats’ like the poisson in papillote (fish baked in parchment with snail butter). Owner David Butler is a Campagne and Le Pichet alum (see the theme?) and will charm you with his delightful snark.

If you’re looking for Farm to Table food with a Northwest perspective look no further than Lark. Chef Jonathan Sundstrom and Kelly Ronan opened Lark in it’s original location in 2003. In late 2014 they moved to a larger location and have maintained their level of quality and attention to detail. They have created an elegant room with a great bar a casual upstairs area called Bitter/Raw. In the daytime you can go to Slab, their sandwich place, all in the same building. Or, scoot around the corner to their new pizza place, Southpaw. All of Jonathan and Kelly’s spaces use the best ingredients from our local treasured farmers.

Not in the French theme but an O.G. nonetheless, go visit Jerry Corso at Bar del Corso on Beacon Hill. Jerry is one of the best and hardest working chefs in town and his food is traditional and lifted. Pizza? Yes. Anything vegetable? For sure. Meatballs or Fried Risotto Balls? Si!!!