Lucia Solis

Fermentation Specialist, Scott Laboratories 

Lecture: Pulp Fiction: Misconception about Coffee Fermentation


About Lucia

Lucia studied Viticulture and Enology at UCDavis, she spent 7 years working in production at various Napa Valley wineries before joining Scott Laboratories in 2014 to work on the application of different yeast strains in coffee and cacao. Her solid microbiological skills have allowed her to take many lesson from the Wine Industry and apply that knowledge to the microbiology of coffee.

Laurent Berthiot

Technical Support, Lallemand

Lecture: Pulp Fiction: Misconception about Coffee Fermentation

About Laurent

After working 12 years as technical for the CIRAD (center of cooperation in agronomical research for the development). He was in charge of the sensory lab (training of panelist for coffee and cocoa) quality manager (redaction and application of ISO standard, Accreditation ISO 17025). Ha has done this job also in many coffee and cocoa producing countries. One year ago, He join Lallemand team as a technical support for coffee and cocoa. His job is to developed product and process for the coffee and cocoa fermentation by using yeast and bacteria. He is in charge of all the trials realized in producing countries and also the cup tasting in the lab in France.


Anna Gutierrez

National Sales Consultant, Barista 22

Lecture: Molding Your Staff Into All-Star Baristas


About Anna

Anna started in coffee as a barista in 1997. In 2002, she joined Dillanos Coffee Roasters and then transitioned to a brokerage in April, 2011. She’s since taken over managing the Barista 22 product line of syrups, sauces and powders in March, 2015.

Having worked extensively with distributors and large specialty coffee chains across the U.S., she has become well-known for consulting on product selection, marketing/branding, barista training and signature drink development.

Anna has authored articles in national coffee publications and has presented at SCAA since 2009 and Coffee Fest since 2005. She’s a Certified Barista Competition judge, Level 1 Barista Certified, BGA member, emcee, latte art judge and achieved success in Signature Drink Competitions. Anna was also co-featured on Barista Magazine’s April, 2012 cover.

Jared Truby

Owner/Operator, Cat & Cloud

Lecture: Authenticity Sells: Creating and Sustaining an Engaging Culture


About Jared

Jared Truby is passionate about authenticity & how it holistically applies to all portions of business. He believes the best business' are started with a clear picture of who they are, what they believe in & how it applies to the vision of the company.

Through his 15 years of coffee experience, Jared has been able to observe many different successful approaches as Head of Retail for Verve Coffee & Director of Operations for The French Press. He now applies his approach at Cat & Cloud, alongside Chris Baca & Charles Jack.

He has been a National Finalist and regional Barista Champion, has been involved with roasting, sourcing, training design, leadership courses & continues learn everyday.

Maya Zuniga, Ph.D.

Technical and Supply Chain Manager, S&D Coffee and Tea

Lecture: The Role (and Importance) of Sensory Science in Coffee

About Maya

Dr. Zuniga has been at S&D Coffee and Tea for 4+ years. She is currently in Global Procurement and applying technical expertise to supply chain optimization and synergies as part of a larger initiative with the Cott acquisition. Prior experience includes 17 years at General Mills and Pillsbury in multiple roles in the areas of Product Development, Purchasing, Open Innovation and Holistic Category Management She has honed skills in delivering high quality results in a timely, cost-effective manner across multiple product platforms. Her skill set spans strategy and category development, including a global perspective across several categories such as dairy, flavors, hydrocolloids, chemicals and specialty ingredients B.Sc in Chemistry, M.S. and Ph.D. in Food Science


Gregory Scace

Mechanical Engineer, Espresso Research, LLC

Lecture: Hey! What Happens if You Push This Button?


About Gregory

Mr. Scace obtained a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 1993. He has spent the majority of his professional career furthering the science of temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement, and is a pioneer in the development of metrics for quantifying thermodynamic parameters influencing coffee extraction.

Craig Holt

Founder, Atlas Coffee

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Craig

Craig Holt is the founder of Atlas Coffee Importers, a specialty coffee importing company focused on developing quality coffee in partnership with growers, and connecting those growers with specialty buyers in North America. He is the former chair person for the Coffee Quality Institute Board of Trustees, an active Coffee Corps volunteer, and Q Grader Instructor. He is afraid of sharks and clowns.


Cristina Ruiz

Head of Programmes, Twin

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Cristina

Cristina manages Twin’s producer support work in East Africa, West Africa & Latin America through Twin's programmes, working hand in hand with Twin Trading (Twin's trading company) to access value-added markets on behalf of its producer partners, balancing producer support with market demand. She is part of the senior management team that provides direction and define strategies. Before joining Twin, she worked in humanitarian and development programmes for 20 years, based in the UK and other countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. Cristina has a special interest in gender and coffee and has been part of a number of panels on this issue in different events.


Harrison B. Kalua

CEO, Mzuzu Coffee

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Harrison

Mr Harrison B Kalua was born in 1957, he is married and has a Diploma in Agriculture, BSC degree in Agriculture , MSC degree in strategic management. He has several post graduate certificates including Agricultural cooperative development and management, International trading etc.

He has been a Board member of several organizations including AFCA,, Conesa, SADC chambers of commerce, NBS Bank, Twin Trading. He has been CEO for Mzuzu coffee for over 15 years and has specialized in

- Turn around management
- Smallholder coffee production systems
- International coffee trading
- Corporate Governsance
- strategic management
- Business management
- Cooperative development and management


Maria Botto

Manager, Alotepec Coffees, IWCA Chapter El Salvador

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Maria

Maria Botto, IWCA Chapter Relations Chair, President of El Salvador Chapter, member of Mentoring Program AFP CONFIA with a background in the food industry on Sales, Marketing and Export. A Coffee Producer in El Salvador, Manager at Alotepec Coffees. Leads coffee producers group in her region for “Coffee Rehabilitation and Agricultural Diversity” and has Chair for El Salvador IWCA Chapter in “Coffee Organizations Unity to Reactivate Coffee Fields in El Salvador”. Her passion for coffee and nature is rooted from childhood; she was born in an agricultural family in Santa Ana and nourishes her passion participating in coffee field activities and coffee lectures. Her mission is to empower women in coffee communities for economic growth and sustainability.


RoB Skidmore

Chief, Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains, International Trade Centre

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Rob

Rob Skidmore is Chief of Inclusive and Sustainable Value Chains at the International Trade Centre (ITC) where he leads teams working on Women in Trade, Ethical Fashion and Trade for Sustainable Development. He has worked extensively in areas of economic empowerment of women, especially in the coffee sector, and chaired the ITC internal working group in gender mainstreaming in 2009-2010 when ITC greatly increased the focus on empowering women across its programs. Prior to ITC, Rob led private sector development projects for US-based consulting firms including PwC, DAI and Abt Associates, and worked as a butcher. He holds an MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS and a BA from the University of Wisconsin.


Colleen Anunu

Sr. Manager, Coffee Supply Chain, Fair Trade USA

Lecture: Moderator: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Colleen

Colleen Anunu specializes in value chain inclusive market access, risk management and quality upgrading program development for the specialty coffee sector. As the Sr. Manager of Coffee Supply for Fair Trade USA Colleen leads strategic initiatives related to Fair Trade social premium investments and cost of production research. Colleen has a masters degree in International Development from Cornell University, where she co-investigated the impacts of smallholder participation in high-quality coffee value chains, and served as the research lead for the Coffee Quality Institute's Partnership for Gender Equity. Colleen has a professional background in coffee procurement, roasting and quality control, and is an Assistant Q Grader Instructor. She is a Director of the Specialty Coffee Association and lives in Montréal, QC.


Jorge Cuevas

Chief Coffee Officer, Sustainable Harvest

Lecture: A Hard Look at Financial Tools: Why Price Risk Management for Coffee Growers Hasn’t Sparked More Change

About Jorge

Jorge has extensive experience in building organizations within the specialty coffee industry, having been a coffee professional for much of his adult life, starting in 1995 when he helped implement organic certification and export operations for indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jorge has served on the Sustainability Committee of the SCAA and is an active participant in Fair Trade forums and a current member of the Executive Committee at the Coffee Quality Institute. His passion is helping farmers reach the economic potential of their hard work, find unique coffees for a roaster partner and spending time traveling around the world’s coffee lands. Part of the Sustainable Harvest team since 2002, Jorge directs the company’s risk management and green coffee trade operations.


Iliana delgado

nternational Business, Agropecuaria Berlin SAS

Lecture: Coffee Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Quality, and Marketplace.

About Iliana

Iliana Delgado is from Agroberlin and La Cabaña Farms in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Illiana studied International Business and approached coffee through participation with The National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia. Illiana worked with coffee in her father’s company learning dry milling practice and later gained experience with shade management, harvesting, and organic practices. Illiana was granted a scholarship for the Coffee Master offered by illy caffé in Italy, and also manages a roasted coffee brand in Colombia. Illiana believes in improving the culture of coffee in Colombia from both producer and consumer ends.


Mauricio Rodezno

Board Member, Café Marquense

Lecture: Coffee Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Quality, and Marketplace

About Mauricio

Mauricio has over 26 years of professional experience in the fields of administration, banking, finance, and commercial promotion. He is currently serving as Secretary of the Board of Hermandad de Honduras, OPDF, a regulated microfinance institution with operations in the major rural markets of Western Honduras. Mauricio holds a BS degree in Agribusiness Economics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1982), with further studies in advanced accounting, financial analysis, market research, project and export financing, rural and development finance, and use of efficient microorganisms in sustainable farming.


Ryan Hatt

Coffee Service & Operations Manager,  Arbor Day Foundation

Lecture: Coffee Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Quality, and Marketplace.


About Ryan

Ryan Hatt works for the Arbor Day Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to solving global issues such as hunger, poverty, deforestation, and climate change through tree planting initiatives. Rain Forest Rescue, a program created in 1992, supports local partners and communities in their efforts to protect, sustain and restore tropical rain forests. Ryan has helped develop shade-grown coffee practices to support farmers in developing sound agroforestry techniques to improve both coffee quality and rain forest habitat. Ryan works directly with farmers to find ways to incentivize them on using these sustainable practices to achieve quality and forestry goals.


Jon Ferguson

Coffee Quality Specialist, Arbor Day Foundation

Lecture: Moderator: Coffee Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Quality, and Marketplace

About Jon

Jon holds a position at The Arbor Day Foundation as a Coffee Quality Specialist. He is pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Nebraska where his interests include how social, economic, and environmental factors influence the adoption of agroforestry management practices. He has travelled extensively as a coffee buyer and Cup of Excellence Jury member. He is currently a licensed Q-grader.


Gilles Brunner

Co-Founder, algrano

Lecture: How B2B Ecommerce Can Strengthen Coffee Producer Brands


ABout Gilles

Gilles Brunner joined the coffee world seven years ago at ECOM in Switzerland with the objective to explore what the coffee industry was able to do in terms of rural development. Through this experience, Gilles witnessed the ever expanding internet availability in coffee origins across the world and saw there an opportunity to empower growers. In 2014, he co-founded with two friends with the ambition to create a virtual bridge between growers and roasters and make direct trade as easy as possible for both ends of the chain. Two global startup programs later, he is now leading the sourcing and partnership development at algrano, based in Switzerland.

Hayden Kwast

Ecommerce & Marketing Manager, Olam Coffee

Lecture: How B2B Ecommerce Can Strengthen Coffee Producer Brands


About Hayden

Hayden launched and now manages, which was named one of the "Hot 100 websites of 2015" by Internet Retailer Magazine. Prior to Olam, Hayden founded Koffeelink, an online platform where coffee producers could market their coffees straight to roasters. He is passionate about how ecommerce can improve coffee producer market access and help grow the specialty coffee industry.

Norbert Niederhauser

CEO, Cropster

Lecture: How B2B Ecommerce Can Strengthen Coffee Producer Brands

About Norbert

Norbert Niederhauser is CEO and co-founder of Cropster. He has worked in information management for specialty coffee, cocoa and other agricultural products since 2003. His experience includes a five-year research position at CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) in Colombia. He moved to California in 2009 and currently resides there.

Cropster specializes in online information management platforms helping all supply chain partners to efficiently manage and share information to improve product quality, enable better market access and provide transparency and communication. Cropster has clients in over 70 countries and operates offices in the US and Austria, with partner offices in Asia, Australia and South America.


Omar Herrera

Director, La Bodega

Lecture: How B2B Ecommerce Can Strengthen Coffee Producer Brands


About Omar

Omar has been involved in many areas of the specialty coffee industry since 2008: working as a barista, roaster, and eventually moving to Minneapolis, MN to be a part of Cafe Imports' green sales team in 2014.

Throughout his tenure, Omar has been fortunate enough to tour the US with coffee producers on CI's 'Legendary Coffee Producer Tour' to share their knowledge and build producer profiles. Inspired, Omar began working on in 2015 to make unique coffees more accessible to a wide range of roasting clientele via a user-friendly online platform.

Alexandra Katona-Carroll

Marketing Manager, Coffee Quality Institute

Lecture: How B2B Ecommerce Can Strengthen Coffee Producer Brands

About Alexandra

Alexandra (or Alex) has been working in the specialty coffee industry for a decade. She spends her time creating and coordinating marketing and communications efforts for CQI. Alex likes to think she can simplify complex information, making it look appealing and sound delightful. Captivated by coffee at her Alma Mater, University of Michigan, she worked with a coffee co-op in Chiapas and helped co-found a student run business. She’s drawn to the lovely and passionate people that make up the specialty coffee industry.


Christian Rotsko

Roastmaster, Farmer Brothers

Lecture: Automation in Roasting: Modern Efficiency vs Manual Engagement


Christian Rotsko

Christian has been in a roaster and cupper in the coffee industry for over 10 years, involved in all ranges of the coffee spectrum from specialty to commercial. He has extensive experience at origin and working directly with producer groups. He is current responsibilities include managing and validating roast profiles, overseeing the green coffee cupping lab and managing direct sourcing for East Africa and El Salvador with involvement in other regions.

Kris Wieser

Coffee Quality Manager and Assistant Green Buyer, Philz Coffee

Lecture: Automation in Roasting: Modern Efficiency vs Manual Engagement

About Kris

Kris is an award-winning coffee roaster who is now the Coffee Quality Manager and Assistant Green Buyer at Philz Coffee. He was previously the Head Roaster at Equator Coffees and Teas. He is a licensed Q grader.

Marlee Benefield

Consultant, Gather Coffee Company

Lecture: Automation in Roasting: Modern Efficiency vs Manual Engagement

About Marlee

Marlee's interest in coffee began while working as a barista in college, then grew while doing qualitative research in Indonesia. After graduate school she moved to Istanbul and fell further in love with the coffee culture there. After returning to the US, she began working at Equator Coffee, where she had her true introduction to specialty coffee. A couple of years later, Marlee began working for Boot Coffee. There she worked on numerous projects spanning the coffee industry. Her responsibilities included marketing high quality coffees to roasters and teaching roasting courses. Marlee was the Giesen Coffee Roasters representative in North America from 2010-2015. Marlee now co-owns Gather Coffee Company, where she handles all of the marketing, as well as special roasting projects for private clients.


Julia Leach

President, Toddy

Lecture: Telling the Stories of Coffee with Cold Brew

About Julia

Julia Leach fell in love with cold brew when she started working with Toddy in 2003. She now has the privilege of leading the company that has been at the forefront of cold brewing since 1964. Julia’s team works with cafes and roasters worldwide to help them develop cold brew programs that highlight the nuances of the brewing method and inspire their customers to fall in love with cold brew. She is passionate about the art and science of cold brewing and is active in developing cold brew quality education for the specialty coffee industry.


Mandy Miller

Food Safety Quality Manager, Toddy

Lecture: Telling the Stories of Coffee with Cold Brew


About Mandy

Mandy Miller is the Food Safety Quality Manager for Toddy LLC. Mandy has a MS in Food Science/Food Safety from Colorado State University and is currently pursuing her PhD in the same discipline with a focus on Toxicology also at Colorado State University. She has over 18 years of beverage quality and food safety experience.

Andrea Olivar

Country Manager - Colombia, Solidaridad

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Andrea

Andrea has over 10 years working in international trade including 8 years focusing on coffee. Andrea is currently Solidaridad´s Country Manager in Colombia and the Head of the Sustainable Trade Platform, an initiative that aims to reduce fragmentation on sustainability matters in the Colombian coffee industry.

Previous to that, Andrea worked for over 6 years at Twin Trading, a British ethical trading organisation which works with smallholder coffee farmers around the word to access international markets. Andrea was their Head of Coffee Programme.

Andrea is the co-author of the industry report published in May 2016 that studies the situation of workers in corporate and family coffee farms. This report was commissioned by the Sustainability Council of SCAA and carried out by Solidaridad.


Angela Pelaez

Sustainability Manager, RGC Coffee

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Angela

Angela Pelaez is a third generation Colombian Coffee producer. She began her coffee career in 1998 with the FNC . She currently works for RGC Americas in Colombia as Sustainability Manager and serves as a volunteer of the Farmworker Committee of the SCA Sustainability Council, as well as a member of the UTZ coffee product advisory committee. Her work seeks to create value for coffee producing communities through the supply chain.


Carlos García

Business Management, Crece

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia


About Carlos

Carlos García is a senior researcher that has conducted numerous socioeconomic studies in agricultural economics, coffee economics, Monitoring and Evaluation of sustainability initiatives and assessment of public policies and programs. He has a B.S. in Business Manager, Certificate in Economic Policy and M.A. in Economics. He has been working as a Coordinator of Research for more than 20 years at the Center for Regional Entrepreneurial and Coffee Research CRECE in Colombia. As a researcher he is part of the team that has been working in the design and development of the Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Workers Wellbeing in Colombia.

Cesar Julio Diaz

General Manager, Aguada Cooperative

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Cesar

Cesar Julio Diaz has worked all his life in coffee. He started 36 years ago in Alto Occidente de Caldas Cooperative, he is convinced about the importance of specialty coffee for the sustainable development of the coffee regions. Currently he is the manager of three Cooperatives: Aguadas. Alto Occidente and Norte de Caldas, where he has been fostering the implementation and commercialization of specialty coffee programs which are the focus of his work in order to improve the wellbeing of the coffee families.


Kim Elena Ionescu

Chief Sustainability Officer, Specialty Coffee Association

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Kim Elena

In her role as Chief Sustainability Officer at the Specialty Coffee Association, Kim Elena raises awareness of the threats currently facing the sector and strives to lead and inspire action among coffee industry actors of all sizes and across the coffee value chain. Prior to joining the SCAA in 2015, Kim spent a decade buying coffee and creating and directing sustainability strategy for Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina, where she resides with her husband and two daughters. And although these days she is more likely to be found behind desks and podiums than cupping tables and espresso machines, Kim believes that sustainability must be firmly embedded in the business of coffee even as she acknowledges the need for increased collaboration beyond our industry’s borders.


Miguel Zamora

Head of Americas Region, UTZ

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Miguel

Miguel Zamora is the Head of the Americas Region for UTZ and current Chair of the SCAA Sustainability Council. Miguel has been involved in agriculture for over 20 years. He leads UTZ efforts in the Americas to make sustainable farming the norm. Miguel’s work focuses on building and strengthening sustainable supply chains while creating opportunities for sustainable trade between farming communities and the coffee industry. Miguel holds an Agricultural Engineering degree from Zamorano University in Honduras and a Masters in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


Nathalie Gabbay

RGC Coffee - GreenSource Coffee

Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Farm Worker Well-Being in Colombia

About Nathalie

Nathalie is a third generation green coffee importer working with RGC Coffee in Montreal Canada since 2003. In 2008, Nathalie moved to Los Angeles and founded GreenSource Coffee Consultants to better serve RGC’s clients in the US. Nathalie is very active in the coffee community and served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of America from 2009-2013 and was a member of the SCAA Sustainability Council from 2005-2009. Nathalie also serves on the boards of two youth education non-profits in Los Angeles. Nathalie graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in International Relations and Economics and currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and sons.


Mark Inman

enior Trader/West Coast Sales Manager, Olam Specialty Coffee

Lecture: Effective Strategies for Green Coffee Buyers

About Mark

Mark Inman has worked in the Specialty Coffee Industry for over 25 years. He is the Former owner of Taylor Maid Farms of Sebastopol and currently is the Senior Trader for Olam Specialty Coffee. Mark is a Past President of the SCAA, Past Chair of World Coffee Events, Past Chair of the Roasters Guild and Past board member of International Women's Coffee Alliance.


Rob Stephen

Sales Manager/International Business Development Manager, Olam Specialty Coffee

Lecture: Effective Strategies for Green Coffee Buyers

About Rob

Rob Stephen is a Coffee Trader and International Business Development Manager for Olam Specialty Coffee in Providence, RI. He is an SCAA Past President, certified Q Grader, Q Grader Instructor for CQI, and represents the USA at the ISO council on international coffee standards.


Carlos Mario Rodriguez

Director of Global Agronomy, Starbucks Coffee Company

Lecture: Coffee Varieties: Challenges Across the Globe

About Carlos

He studied at Ohio State University and obtained a master’s degree in plant pathology.

1992 to 1996: He was the general manager of the National Biodiversity Inventory at the National Biodiversity Institute (InBio). 1996 to 2004: He was the Coordinator for the Coffee Pathology Program at the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFE).

2004 until now: He is currently director of agronomy at Starbucks Coffee Agronomy Company based in Costa Rica. He coordinates the agronomy activities for the global Starbucks Farmer Support Centers. He was involved in the design of the C.A.F.E. Practices guidelines, the coffee breeding program and the establishment of a core coffee collection at Alsacia farm in Costa Rica. He also coordinates the training activities with Starbucks suppliers.


Roberto Marinelli

Coffee Producer, Finca San Antonio El Bosque

Lecture: Coffee Varieties: Challenges Across the Globe

About Roberto

Mr. Roberto Marinelli is a coffee producer in the Fraijanes region in Guatemala since 1994. Executive Director and Board Member of CAFCOM, a Guatemalan Coffee Exporter Group, founded in 1986.

He is Vice President of the Board of ADEC, (COFFE EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION). Through this Association, 75% of Guatemalan coffee is exported.

Mr. Marinelli manages San Antonio El Bosque farm. This farm was severely affected by Roya in 2014. Since then, he started a renovation plan with different varieties to lower the risk of Roya. His farm is over 5,000 feet, at this altitude the fungus diseases and winds make the production of coffee a challenge every year.

In his 30 years’ experience in the coffee business, he has worked for local companies and also Multinationals.


And Trindle Mersch

Director of Coffee, Philz Coffee

Lecture: Building Out a Roasting Plant: Managing the Minutia


Chris Miller

Head Roaster, La Colombe

Lecture: Building Out a Roasting Plant: Managing the Minutia


About Chris

Chris left a chef's life/career in 2004 and was brought on to La Colombe as a service technician. After two years as a technician he was brought in to the roasting position and has been there ever since. Chris oversees all of the roasting production and green buying for La Colombe and loves that there is no end to learning something new about coffee.

Peter Lyons

Owner, Lyon's Pride Coffee

Lecture: Building Out a Roasting Plant: Managing the Minutia

About Peter

Peter Lyons, Owner of Lyons' Pride Coffee, a coffee roastery and tasting room, opens this year in Shreveport, LA. Having pursued an 18 year coffee journey beginning in Los Angeles as a Barista and upward through the ranks to Café Manager & Roaster while gaining SCA certifications as Level 1 Barista and Level 1 Roaster. The future plans to offer a SCA Certified Lab supports our vision to better connect with the professional coffee industry in the south and offer regional coffee enthusiasts the educational opportunity to explore their own passion within the coffee experience.


Dr. Christopher H. Hendon

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lecture: Chemical Physics and Coffee

About Christopher

Christopher H. Hendon obtained his BSc. Adv. HONS from Monash University (2011) and his Ph.D. from the University of Bath (2015). He is presently a postdoctoral scholar at MIT, where he works in both chemistry and chemical engineering with materials for energy storage and conversion. In the specialty coffee industry, Christopher is the co-author of "Water for Coffee" and other related scientific publications.