Andrew Hetzel

Coffee Policy and Trade Adviser, Coffee Strategies

Lecture: Emerging Trends in Coffee Quality


About Andrew

Andrew Hetzel is a coffee policy and trade consultant with fifteen years’ experience advising private and public sector stakeholders in Brazil, Ecuador, India, Myanmar, Panama, Timor-Leste, Uganda, Hawaii (USA), and Yemen, as well as in consuming countries. He improves the value of coffee production by building institutional capacity, implementing quality improvement and differentiation initiatives, and by facilitating access to international markets for high value specialty coffee trade.

Mr. Hetzel is a board director of the association, and formerly of the SCAA since 2013. As a visible specialty coffee industry spokesperson, he has been quoted by trade publications and consumer media on coffee-related issues, including the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Reuters, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Mario Fernández

Technical Director, Coffee Quality Institute

Lecture: Emerging Trends in Coffee Quality

About Mario

As CQI Technical Director, Mario oversees technical services and projects taking place in different coffee producing countries, to ensure they have technical coherence and are adequately implemented. Mario enjoys teaching cupping and processing workshops, especially when he talks about naturals. His experience includes different positions along the value chain, focusing on factors that affect coffee flavor and quality. Mario combines his experience in the industry with a passion for scientific research about coffee flavor. He has a PhD degree in Food Science (University of Otago); MS Food Science (Université de Montpellier II) and BS Food Technology (Universidad de las Américas-Puebla).


Craig Holt

Founder, Atlas Coffee

Lecture: Women's Coffee: Challenges and Opportunities in the Market

About Craig

Craig Holt is the founder of Atlas Coffee Importers, a specialty coffee importing company focused on developing quality coffee in partnership with growers, and connecting those growers with specialty buyers in North America. He is the former chair person for the Coffee Quality Institute Board of Trustees, an active Coffee Corps volunteer, and Q Grader Instructor. He is afraid of sharks and clowns.


Carlos BRando

Director, P&A LTDA

Lecture: Moderator: Emerging Trends in Coffee Quality

About Carlos

Carlos Brando, Director and partner the coffee consulting, marketing and trading company P&A International Marketing, which exports coffee machinery and consults for companies and institutions in Brazil and abroad on strategy, marketing, sustainability, technology and quality. Carlos has coordinated coffee projects in over 90 countries and contributed chapters to several coffee books. He is a partner at QualicafeX, advertising agency GSB2, coffee roaster Exotic and Santana Coffee Estate; a former member of the Technical Committee of Embrapa's Brazilian Coffee Research Consortium, UTZ Certified, and a current member of the boards of the Coffee Quality Institute and Coffee and Immigration Museums.


Heather Ward

Market Research Manager, Specialty Coffee Association

Lecture: Listening to the Research: Making Your Business Better by Understanding Current Coffee Market Trends

About Heather

Heather is SCA’s market research manager and is responsible for providing leadership and vision in gathering, analyzing, and reporting coffee-related industry research. Before moving into the coffee industry, she completed her MBA at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA with studies focusing on the economics of coffee. She is passionate about coffee, market analysis, and helping the coffee community better understand the landscape of the industry.


David Beeman

Director of Research & Development, Global Customized Water

Lecture: Pulling all the Pieces of the Water Enigma Together: An Advanced Look at Water Formulation

About David

David Beeman with Global Customized Water (GCWater) creates science based water treatment systems for the coffee and tea industry. Based on 38 years’ experience, David’s in-depth knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry demonstrated by his newest patent for the ZeRo (no waste) reverse osmosis systems which incorporates water reformulation. David is the originator of formulated coffee water, authored the “Water Quality Handbook” and developed coffee water systems for cupping labs to meet exacting water standards. He has developed many water quality parameters and systems for many locations worldwide.
David Lectures worldwide on the effects of water on coffee flavor, corrosion control, scale control, environmental issues and equipment longevity.
If you enhance infusion/extraction/leaching you can extract more with less while simultaneously enhancing flavor.


Elicia Carmichael

Sr. Director of Business Development and Marketing, Root Capital

Lecture: The True Price of Climate Smart Coffee? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Smart Agriculture at Farm Level

About Elicia

Elicia leads a global team to strengthen agricultural value chains in Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia by identifying enterprise demand for credit and advisory services. She began her career studying the supply-side dynamics of agricultural labor systems in South Asia and continued on to a marketing role in a fair trade coffee cooperative. She later served as Director of Strategy and Development for a research firm specializing in media innovation, and as a consultant to microfinance, agricultural, and clean-tech entities. Elicia received her MBA from Cornell University and her BA from Colby College.


Adrian De Groot Ruiz

Executive Director, True Price

Lecture: The True Price of Climate Smart Coffee? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Smart Agriculture at Farm Level

About Adrian

Dr. Adrian de Groot Ruiz is executive director of True Price, where he leads the development and implementation of the True Price and Integrated Profit & Loss methods in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He is a contributor to the Natural Capital Protocol. Adrian is co-initiator of the Dutch SDG Charter Foundation, bringing together 80+ organizations to realize the SDGs. He is recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and has blogged in the Huffington Post. Adrian holds a PhD in Economics, was assistant professor of Finance at Radboud University and has multiple publications in global top-10 peer-reviewed economics journal.


Joel Brounen

Global Programme Manager - Coffee, Solidaridad

Lecture: The True Price of Climate Smart Coffee? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Smart Agriculture at Farm Level

About Joel

Joel Brounen is Solidaridad´s Global Programme Manager for coffee. He has developed and implemented partnerships with companies like Unilever, Fyffes, Carrefour and JDE. In 2005 he came to Colombia to build up a small ethical coffee trading company. He was the founder of the Sustainable Trade Platform in Colombia. In his current role he focuses on the development of investment models for climate resilient coffee supply chains. Joel has a Master Degree in Sustainability Leadership of the University of Cambridge and Master Degree in International Economics of the University of Utrecht.


Vera Espindola

Director Sustainability and Shared Value, SAGARPA

Lecture: The True Price of Climate Smart Coffee? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Smart Agriculture at Farm Level

About Vera

With a Masters in Development Economics, her educational background lies in value chain analysis and rural development. After overseeing the UTZ coffee program for 4 years in Africa, Asia and Latin America, she moved on to specialising in Latin America and overseeing the program where she worked on the up-scaling of the program with international and local partners, defining and coordinating projects in the region.

Since Abril of 2016, Vera continued her professional path with the Secretary of Agriculture in Mexico (SAGARPA); SAGARPA initiated in October 2015 the Plan Integral De Atención del Café - Coffee Care Plan as Director Sustainability and Value Chain.

Since October 2015, Vera is also member of the Sustainability Council of the Specialty Coffee Association of the Americas.


Esperanza Dionisio

General Manager, CAC Pangoa

Lecture: Navigating Market Volatility: Price Risk Management in Practice

About Esperanza

Eperanza is from Juaja, Peru. In 1976, as an agronomist, graduated from Universidad Agraria La Molina, she traveled to Germany and started her work in rural development. For nine years, she worked as community extensionist in several coffee and cocoa cooperatives. In 1987, she opened a consulting firm and provided agricultural training for more than a decade. In 1997, she took over the management of Pangoa and perfected in every department of cocoa and coffee markets. Her ideal is that roasters and producers could come together and share the same goal of achieving sustainable development. Her hobby is to plant trees and her dream is that more people would understand and continue to build and defend the cooperative philosophy.


Juan David Rendon

General Manager, DelosAndes Cooperativa

Lecture: Navigating Market Volatility: Price Risk Management in Practice

About Juan

Juan David Rendon was born in Andes Antioquia Colombia in a coffee farm. During all his career he has been working in coffee since its his roots and inspiration in live. His first experience in coffee was in FNC in the logistic department, his dream was to be the General Manager for the most important company in Andes, the cooperative. He started as a the operation director and create the exports at the coop. Now it is the largest exporter cooperative from Colombia with the best prices for the region thanks to his knowledge in risk management and market.


Sara Morrochi

Founder, Vuna Origin Consulting

Lecture: Navigating Market Volatility: Price Risk Management in Practice

About Sara

Born in Italy and educated in the UK, Sara found her path in the specialty coffee sector since 2007, when she began working as East Africa supply chain manager for Sustainable Harvest in 2007. This role would keep her working in Tanzania for the next four years. Later she moved to headquarters in Portland, OR heading up the Global Procurement and Supply Chain management team. 

Sara has recently moved to the Netherlands to start her own consulting firm specialized in supply chain strategies and product development in green coffee and cacao. The perfect mix of origin travel, suppliers’ relationships and tropical products makes her work extremely exciting. 

She is passionate about creating long-term sustainable solutions to empower and incentivize supply chain actors in collaborative ways.


Ben Corey-Moran

Director - Coffee Supply Chain, Fair Trade USA

About: Moderator: Navigating Market Volatility: Price Risk Management in Practice


About Ben

Ben Corey-Moran leads Fair Trade USA's investment in producer services, industry collaboration, and supply chain development. Ben has over a decade of coffee industry experience and served as President of Thanksgiving Coffee Company from 2009-2012. Ben is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Sustainability Council. He was awarded the 2012 Sustainability Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Tom Palm

President, Design & Layout Services

Lecture: Opening a New Cafe? Design it Right - Build it Once

About Tom

Tom Palm has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and foodservice industry. He is the founder of Design & Layout Services, a company specializing in the design of specialty coffee shops. Working with independent operators as well as national chains; he has helped more than 900 people open cafes and coffee shops throughout the United States and Canada. He is a member of the SCAA Allied committee. He has also written several articles that have been published in coffee trade magazines, and has presented seminars at numerous coffee industry trade shows.


Emma Sage

Coffee Science Manager, Specialty Coffee Association

Lecture: Coffee Botany 101: Genetics, Varieties, and Physiology

About Emma

Emma Sage is the Science Manager at the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Since taking this position, she has investigated a variety of scientific topics relevant to the specialty coffee industry by way of original research projects, content for skill building workshops, special reports, and regular contributions to the SCAA Chronicle Magazine. She also serves as the World Coffee Research Industry Liaison, where she observes the WCR Technical Advisory Committee. She holds a M.S. in Botany from the University of Wyoming and B.A. in Ecology. Her experience in a variety of laboratory and field research projects in botany, ecology, enology, and climate change science has given her a solid foundation to apply to coffee. She has always been committed to science education and is dedicated to acting as an effective resource for the specialty coffee industry.


Chris Baca

Owner/Operator, Cat & Cloud

Lecture: Converting Consumers to Specialty: Roasting for Approachability & Mass Appeal While Retaining Varietal Characteristics


About Chris

Chris Baca is a coffee roaster, barista, and co-owner of Cat & Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz California. He is a former regional barista champion, regional brewers cup champion, and multiple time United States Barista Championship finalist. He has served on the Executive Council for the Barista Guild of America. He has a passion for education and sharing his love for coffee which he does via the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast as well as his YouTube channel - both of which are aimed at sharing nuggets of the Specialty Coffee industry with the world at large to increase awareness of Specialty Coffee.

Sarada Krishnan

Director of Horticulture and Center for Global Initiatives, Denver Botanic Gardens

Lecture: Coffee's Best Chance Against Climate Change and Finding the Next Geisha: The Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee


About Sarada

Dr. Sarada Krishnan is Director of Horticulture and Center for Global Initiatives at Denver Botanic Gardens. She is an expert on coffee genetic resources with her doctorate research focused on the conservation genetics of wild coffee in Madagascar. Sarada owns coffee plantations in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. She is a faculty affiliate with Colorado State University’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. She serves on several local, state and national boards. Sarada currently serves on USDA’s National Genetic Resources Advisory Council. In collaboration with Global Crop Diversity Trust and World Coffee Research, she serves as the coffee expert in the development of the Global Strategy for Conservation of Coffee Genetic Resources, to be released in early 2017.

Price Peterson

Dr., Hacienda La Esmeralda

Lecture: Coffee's Best Chance Against Climate Change and Finding the Next Geisha: The Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee

About Price

Peterson was born and raised in California with education ending at Doctorate (Neuroscience), Univ. of Pennsylvania. After teaching moved with family to Panama in 1973 and has farmed at Hacienda La Esmeralda ever since. This year, Esmeralda celebrated 50 years of the Peterson family. Peterson has served on the Board of the SCAA, Oxfam America, and as a Trustee at Zamorano University as well as various Cattle and Agricultural Cooperatives and Associations in Panama. It was on the Esmeralda farm in 2004 that his son, Daniel and daughter, Rachel discovered the distinctive cup quality of Geisha Coffee and it is still the principle product of the farm along with 15,000 liters of milk each day.


Marie Haga

Executive Director, The Crop Trust

Lecture: Coffee’s Best Chance Against Climate Change and Finding the Next Geisha: The Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee



EA to Management Team, SUCAFINA

Lecture: Potato Defect: Science, Collaboration, Solutions


About DJ

DJ Bodden joined the coffee industry after a career as a pilot in the US military. He works out of Sucafina’s offices in Geneva and follows special projects for senior management in addition to his regular duties. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate with a background in process improvement and experience in post-conflict reconstruction efforts in southern Afghanistan, DJ has always been passionate about finding bespoke solutions to unusual problems in a variety of environments.

Isabelle Avelleneda

Senior BS Biochemistry, Seattle University

Lecture: Potato Defect: Science, Collaboration, Solutions


About Isabelle

Isabelle Avellaneda is a senior BS Biochemistry student at Seattle University. Before coming to the United States, she studied Dental Medicine at the University of the Philippines-Manila. She discovered her love for biochemistry after taking a semester of introductory biochemistry at the same university and being inspired by the professor teaching the course. She decided to switch majors when she arrived in the US and decided to take two years of community college at Seattle Central College before deciding that Seattle University was her best choice in achieving her goal.

Susan Jackels

Professor Emerita of Chemistry

Lecture: Potato Defect: Science, Collaboration, Solutions


About Susan

Susan Jackels, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita of Chemistry at Seattle University where she taugh tand researched for twenty years. For the past fourteen years her research has focused on questions of interest to economically disadvantaged farmers in the coffee growing regions of Nicaragua and Rwanda. Projects have featured basic science studies of coffee fermentation and potato taste defect, a kit to assist farmers in monitoring fermentation, and coffee wastewater treatment for small farms.

Timothy Hill

Coffee Buyer, Counter Culture Coffee

Lecture: Moderator: Potato Defect: Science, Collaboration, Solutions

About Timothy

Starting as a barista in 2002, Timothy Hill has also worked as a coffee delivery driver, production line employee, and then as a roaster. Today he is the head of quality and sourcing for Counter Culture Coffee based in Durham North Carolina. Much of his focus at Counter Culture is on building supply chains, particularly in Central and East Africa. His work has focused on the unique challenges of sourcing high-quality coffees, leading to collaboration with growers, researchers, and other companies to address a myriad of issues- like potato defect found around the great lakes region of Africa


Ashley Prentice

Coffee Market Strategist, ANACAFE

Lecture: Farmer Perspective: Production Economic Complexities and Challenges


About Ashley

Ashley is a third generation Coffee Grower from Guatemala. She currently works with the National Coffee Association of Guatemala - ANACAFÉ in the Rural Value Chains Project and leading the associations sustainability committee. Ashley has a Masters in Coffee Science and Economics from the University of Udine in Italy, and has played an active role in the SCA Sustainability Council since 2014

Kim Elena Ionescu

Chief Sustainability Officer, Specialty Coffee Association

Lecture: Farmer Perspective: Production Economic Complexities and Challenges

About Kim Elena

In her role as Chief Sustainability Officer at the Specialty Coffee Association, Kim Elena raises awareness of the threats currently facing the sector and strives to lead and inspire action among coffee industry actors of all sizes and across the coffee value chain. Prior to joining the SCAA in 2015, Kim spent a decade buying coffee and creating and directing sustainability strategy for Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina, where she resides with her husband and two daughters. And although these days she is more likely to be found behind desks and podiums than cupping tables and espresso machines, Kim believes that sustainability must be firmly embedded in the business of coffee even as she acknowledges the need for increased collaboration beyond our industry’s borders.


Viviana Gurdian

Marketing Sales, Hacienda Miramonte

Lecture: Farmer Perspective: Production Economic Complexities and Challenges


About Viviana

Viviana is a part of the 5th generation to manage this family coffee estate. She has, like so many others, to have an additional source of income to subsidize the family’s earning from coffee. Direct marketing and offering of the family’s coffees via mail order are among the ways she seeks more earning opportunities from coffee.

Chad Trewick

Consultant, Reciprocafé LLC

Lecture: Farmer Perspective: Production Economic Complexities and Challenges


About Chad

Chad Trewick has long been a champion of responsible sourcing. He’s spent his years in the specialty coffee industry building bridges between wide ranging stakeholders, from coffee farm to cupping room to boardroom. His focus is to maintain access to green coffee while strengthening the entire value chain, ensuring scalable mutually beneficial relationships. Under his leadership, Caribou Coffee achieved 100% Rainforest Alliance certification in 2011 by working along side producers to elevate their farm operations and understand challenges.
After more than 20 years on the roaster side in the Specialty Coffee industry, and time spent gaining a deeper understanding of the financial side of the coffee market, Chad formed Reciprocafé, LLC a consultancy service that prioritizes shared value and measured and meaningful coffee value chain support.

Tracy Ging

Vice President, Strategic Development, S&D Coffee and Tea

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Tracy

Tracy Ging is Vice President of Strategic Development for S&D Coffee and Tea, current Chair of World Coffee Research and serves on the Board of Directors for the Specialty Coffee Association. She received the SCAA’s 2016 Special Recognition Award.


Liz Dean

Director of Retail, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Liz

Liz has been working in the coffee industry for 6 years. Her 1st coffee job was at a Seattle’s Best above Penn Station before becoming a barista at Irving Farm. She then became the manager of Irving Farm’s Upper West Side location – one of their highest volume shops – before stepping up as Director of Retail, where she now oversees operations and staffing for the 7 cafes in Manhattan and one in the Hudson Valley, most of which also have full food menus. Liz is passionate about making sure her cafes are welcoming, inclusive community spaces and neighborhood focal points for staff and customers alike. She considers supporting and advocating for her staff to be one of the most important parts of her job.


Phyllis Johnson

President, BD Imports

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + The Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Phyllis

President of BD Imports, social enterprise began importing coffees from Kenya in 1999 and expanded throughout the globe, currently a coffee retailer. Long-time advocate, women in coffee production, among few women of color to serve on Specialty Coffee Association and National Coffee Association Boards. A Consultant to International Trade Centre and International Women’s Coffee Alliance volunteer, Phyllis led the formation of chapters throughout Africa and beyond. Among few female CEO antagonist featured in case study taught at Harvard Business School. Her work with IWCA Burundi chapter as mentor and coffee buyer has been highlighted as best practice, empowering women in agribusiness by academia, industry news media, and International Finance Corporation (IFC). A 2015 Harvard Kennedy School graduate and recipient of Barbara Jordan Women’s Leadership Award.


Tymika Lawrence

Regional Partnership Manager, Genuine Origin

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + The Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Tymika

Tymika has worked in coffee for the past 6 years, and is currently on the sales team for Genuine Origin on the east coast. Before that, she was an Account Manager and Educator for Counter Culture Coffee, and started her coffee career at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. She was drawn to specialty coffee for a multitude of reasons--but what keeps her enthralled is learning more about how coffee moves through the world, and keeping the people who produce our lifeblood centered in her work!


Jenn Chen

Coffee Marketer, Writer & Photographer, Jenn Chen

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + The Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Jenn

San Francisco-based coffee marketer Jenn Chen uses compelling words and photography to make specialty coffee companies look stunning online. She believes in the power of creating inclusive digital and in-person communities. Her work has appeared with industry leaders like Acaia, Coffee Quality Institute, and Sprudge. When she is not working, you can find her with ice cream in one hand and a donut in another. You can connect with her at or on social media @thejennchen.


Michelle Johnson

Social Coffee Activitst, The Chocolate Barista

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + The Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures

About Michelle

Michelle Johnson is the creator and writer for The Chocolate Barista, a blog focused on promoting the social welfare of coffee professionals belonging to marginalized communities. She's the 2016 Sprudgie Award recipient for the Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence for her work through The Chocolate Barista. Originally hailing from Washington, DC, Michelle is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is a part-time barista and ambassador to the Phoenix coffee community.



Content SpecialIst, Cafe Imports

Lecture: The Chocolate Barista + The Coffeewoman | Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures


About Meister

Meister's dual career in specialty coffee and journalism has afforded her the opportunity to communicate with people from all walks of life and at all stages of the supply chain, from novice professionals and new consumers to expert baristas and coffee connoisseurs, as well as producers, roasters, and anybody else who has a minute to spare. Meister works for Cafe Imports as a writer, editor, educator, and erstwhile salesperson; she is also the author of the forthcoming book "New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History," due out on July 31 with The History Press. Her full name is a poorly guarded trade secret, but you can call her just "Meister."

Jerónimo Bollen

General Manager, Latin America, Root Capital

Lecture: Financing Sustainability

About Jerónimo

Jerónimo has been at Root Capital, a US-based social lender that works in Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. During the last 11 years, he has lead their Lending strategy and operations in Latin America out of the Costa Rica regional office.

Before joining Root Capital, he was the General Manager at Manos Campesinas for 8 years. Based in Quetzaltenango, he introduced this Guatemala-based smallholder coffee producer federation into the international market of quality coffees.


Eric Poncon

Director, Ecom - SMS (Sustainable Management Services)

Lecture: Financing Sustainability


About Eric

Holds a BS in Agricultural Economics and Finance from Cornell University. In 1996, joined the Coffee Division of Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation, and has held several trading and management positions in New York, Nicaragua, Mexico and Costa Rica. Eric is Central American Leadership Initiative Fellow selected by INCAE and the Aspen Institute and a Sustainable Standard Setter Awardee by the Rainforest Alliance. He is a Board Member of ECOM SMS; World Coffee Research, FAST (Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade), ECOM and NicaFrance Foundations. He is also Ecom's representative within the Coffee and Climate Initiative and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

Married to Carolina, a psychologist and they have three sons, a New Yorker, a Costa Rican, and a Mexican, and a 6 year old daughter, Dominique.

Harper McConnell

Senior Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

Lecture: Financing Sustainability


About Harper

As Senior Manager in Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa at Starbucks Coffee Company, Harper McConnell manages sustainability initiatives including ethical sourcing, financing, impact measurement and investments at origin.

Prior to Starbucks, Harper lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo for eight years, catalyzing coffee and cocoa initiatives with cooperatives and businesses through building sustainable, traceable, and bankable value chains, reaching the specialty U.S. consumer market for the very first time through retail outlets including Starbucks and Theo Chocolate.

Previously, Harper worked for a public policy and philanthropic strategy consulting firm and also spent three years with a NGO specializing in public health.

Harper is fluent in English, Swahili and French.

Luis Chamorro

Director - Central America, Mercon Coffee Group

Lecture: Financing Sustainability


About Luis

He joined the Mercon Coffee Group in 1997. During his career in the group, he has held various positions in finance,logistics, commercial operations and manufacturing in both the import and export sides of the business.

He is currently the Director for Central America (CISA Exportadora, Mercon Honduras, Mercon Guatemala, Mercapital/Mercambios and Digranisa). He leads the operations, commercial, quality and development functions for Central America.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master's degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.