CHEMEX® Welcomes Specialty Coffee Expo to Boston

Boston is home to coffee pioneers nestled alongside budding roasters and coffee shops, which can be found down narrow cobblestone streets. A city, that is one of the oldest in the country, is as much on the cutting edge as it is steeped in history. It is the perfect city to host the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo, which itself is a blending of past, present and future. Cultivating and consuming coffee has been around for centuries, but we are constantly learning and developing within in the coffee industry.

Chemex Corp. is also fusion of the past, present and future. Our story began in 1941 when the Chemex coffeemaker was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, who intently studied the art and science behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Since that time, the Chemex has spanned generations, countries, tv shows and technology.  It has won awards and permanence in homes as well as prestigious museums such as MOMA. Our history and our craft is still embedded in our makeup. At our factory we still inspect, polish and hand-tie each coffeemaker and cut every filter, just as we always have.     


With well over 300 hundred patents Dr. Schlumbohm embraced creativity and ingenuity.  He believed that education, demonstration and conversation are paramount to spreading ideas and reaching into the future. These principles that we still hold as a company align with what the Specialty Coffee community practices as well, which has led to a natural and longtime kinship.

These same ideals will bring us to the Specialty Coffee Expo. To explore and to discover together how we can create the best coffees, all the way from farm to cup. As a Massachusetts company who is so connected with the Specialty Coffee community, we are honored and thrilled to be the Host Sponsor at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.  


 The Future

 Come visit us on Meeting Level 2, room 257A & the Northeast Lobby, experience new products, new stories, and more.