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Sustainability at expo

As we plan and produce the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo, we use the association’s purpose as a lens for our decisions:

 “SCA will foster a global coffee community and support activity to make specialty coffee a thriving, equitable, and sustainable activity for the entire value chain.”

To create a sustainable event and achieve our sustainability goals in Boston, we need the support of our attendees, specifically to reduce the amount of waste from the show going to landfills.

Attendees Part of the Sustainable Solution at Expo

  • Bring your own water bottle or drinking vessel

  • Take local public transit

  • Use the onsite recycling/composting bins before tossing in the trash

  • During your stay in Boston, refrain from taking food to-go at restaurants



MiiR is so excited to partner up with Speciality Coffee Association in their efforts to be more sustainable at this year's Expo. At MiiR we are dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastics through our premium reusable products. MiiR designs every product in-house with the same ethos - timeless, thoughtful, beautifully simple and sustainable.   We're in business to make great products, empower others and build community.

MiiR is giving away 2,000 of these reusable cups at the Sustainability Stations on the Expo show floor. 


Club Coffee

Club Coffee is proud to support the sustainability efforts at Expo for a second year.  Our dedication to sustainability is deeply rooted in our company’s vision and values. It enables us to innovate to meet a growing demand for sustainable, high quality solutions such as compostable coffee pods.

Check out the compostable pods by Club Coffee and then visit their booth, #865, to learn more about this innovative technology.



At the Sustainability Station you can find a BUNN Refresh water system that provides cold still or sparkling water on demand.

Use your water bottle or a MiiR cup to fill them up with water from the BUNN Refresh; use them as you are sampling all the great coffee at Expo; and return to the Sustainability Stations to rinse them out and use them again!