Volunteer at expo


Sign Up To Volunteer

Begin by clicking on the REGISTER button below. On the landing page select the Attendee button. On the Personal Information page, enter VOL in the "volunteer code box" to register for the 3-Day Expo VOLUNTEER Badge.

At the end of the registration process you will receive the link to select your volunteer shifts. Your Expo registration will be pending until you have signed-up for the minimum number of shifts needed. Volunteer shifts must be selected within 24 hours of completing Expo registration or your volunteer badge will be cancelled.

If you would like to be considered for a Lead Volunteer or Instructor position, please complete the appropriate application form in addition to registering to volunteer (see below). If you are selected for one of these positions we will change your volunteer schedule at that time. 

benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is more than just lending a hand. It's an opportunity to give back to the community you feel most passionate about. Volunteering fosters relationships with people from around the world that share similar interests. It's the perfect opportunity to help the coffee industry flourish. And not to mention, you can earn a free 3-Day Expo Volunteer badge in exchange.

What does it take to earn a volunteer badge?

Attendees who commit to work the minimum number of hours can earn a complimentary badge.* Members of the association who register for the 3-Day Expo Volunteer badge must commit to a minimum of three (3) shifts.  Volunteers who are not members of the association who register for the 3-Day Expo Volunteer badge must commit to a minimum of four (4) shifts. The average shift is four (4) hours long.

*There is a $5 non-refundable processing fee associated with the volunteer badge.

Who Can Volunteer?

Attendees 18 and older are invited to volunteer at the Specialty Coffee Expo.  Every year, more than 500 coffee professionals support the show by volunteering in over 1200 volunteer shifts from Tuesday-Sunday. Volunteers will have a variety of positions to choose from in a number of different areas at Expo, Re:co, and the U.S. Coffee Championships.


The Association is looking for people who would like to volunteer in Lead roles. These positions require a greater time commitment, but are perfect for volunteers that love leadership and would like to be involved with more of the behind the scenes organization and support of the show.

Lead positions are available in the Activities Hall, Expo Workshops & SCA Skills Program Courses, Cupping Exchange, Green Team, Registration area, and Volunteer Lounge.


There are opportunities to volunteer instruct at the Specialty Coffee Expo in the following areas:

  1. SCA Skills Program Courses

  2. Expo Workshops

SCA Skills Program Courses

All Authorized Specialty Trainers that would like to help deliver a Skills Program Course at the 2020 Specialty Coffee Expo are invited to apply.

  • Courses include: Introduction to Coffee

  • Participating as an instructor in Introduction To Coffee at Expo increases your network as an AST and allows you to interact with those who are interested in Skills Program Courses.

Station Instructors:

  • Station instructors should be current ASTs in the SCA Coffee Skills program, or have completed the professional courses of the Sensory Skills and/or Brewing modules.

  • Courses include: Introduction to Coffee

Expo Workshops

  • Workshops contain a combination of lectures and practical, hands-on activities.

  • Usually three (3) hours in length, and do not come with any program credit.

  • Led by subject matter experts with help from other knowledgeable members in the industry.

  • Station instructors may deliver workshop content in a small group setting, for example to dial in espresso. Or they may provide logistical support, such as facilitating a cupping or preparing sensory references. 

 Interested in being an Instructor?  We invite you to apply!