Code of Conduct

The culture of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is based on honesty, mutual respect, support and encouragement.  As a member, volunteer, staff or participant in an activity of membership, Chapters, National Bodies, Guilds, events, online communities, webinars, social media, or other activities; I agree to uphold this Code of Conduct.

I understand that for our Community of Communities to thrive, we must live our Core Values throughout all levels of the Association. More specifically, I understand that SCA’s Code of Conduct prohibits harassment, discrimination and unethical behavior (incidents) and I am committed to upholding these Values and Code.

In abiding by the Code of Conduct, I agree to use good judgment in all situations, demonstrate respect to myself and others, practice professionalism and to take ownership for my actions and behaviors and understand the consequences that may result. 

In the event that I am involved in or witness an incident that is in violation of the Code of Conduct, that I am encouraged to report the incident.  I am aware that the SCA cannot address an incident if not made aware and are here to support, should the need arise.

If the SCA, in its reasonable judgment, believes I have violated the Code of Conduct, Core Values, committed a legal offense or exposed the SCA to liability, or damage to its reputation, the SCA reserves the right to remove me from SCA activities or to bar my future participation within the SCA, membership and other volunteer positions or activities.

Reports of a Code of Conduct violation will be reviewed by SCAin accordance with each element of the Code of Conduct and SCA’s Core Values.  Any person who believes that they have witnessed or experienced behavior or actions that is in direct violation of the Code of Conduct are encouraged to promptly report the incident to the SCA.   The SCA cannot address anything that we are not made aware of.

Every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of those involved. This may not be possible through the course of actions necessary to research or resolve the incident. In no circumstances, will any person, who in good faith reports an incident of threats, intimidation or violence, or assists in its investigation, be subject to any form of retribution, retaliation or reprisal by SCA.

When to Report
The SCA should be notified of a Code of Conduct violation (incident) that took place at an SCA affiliated event, gathering, or workshop either online or in person; and

  • The incident was committed by, or to: members, volunteers, attendees, staff; or

  • To a reasonable person, the incident is thought to be unethical, inappropriate or there is reason to believe that there is risk of further harm to others 

If, at any time, the safety yourself of others is in jeopardy, contact on-site SCA staff or the local authorities. 

How to report
You may report an incident by either:

  • By completing the online Incident Reporting Form which can be done anonymously; or

  • On-site to an SCA staff member

Following the notification of an incident, the report will be reviewed.  Communications, investigations, and discussions shall be confidential where possible.

Consistent with the values of SCA, any response or determination to a reported incident will focus on understanding what harms may have been done and why, who has been affected, and how the situation can be repaired or rectified. Where possible, and with the agreement of all involved parties, restorative practices may be implemented.

Regardless of whether the incident violates an actual or perceived policy or has actual malicious intent, SCA will take every effort to respond to the report in a timely and considerate manner. All parties involved will be treated with respect and a willingness to hear from all parties involved.

The incident reporting process remains within the dominion of the SCA and is not a legally binding ruling.